When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

the lights will go on

I am slowly slipping away from myself.
I'm watching helplessly as my body leaves my soul and my soul leaves my body.
The demons wage a war only the spirits can partake in. 
My eyes blink rapidly as tears refuse to slip out of them. 
My heart has stopped but my mind is racing; spinning with the wind and destructive like a hurricane.
My limbs are weak. My skin is paler than the ash after the coal has died out from burning all night. 
My body is trembling beyond control and yet my breathe is still as night. 
Something is eating at my soul. 
The demons are closing in and the battle will soon be lost!
But I must fight before I am well won over to the dark side.

I must hold on as the shadows pull my soul, mind and body into pieces. 
I must be my own pillar even if my own strength has long betrayed me.
It is getting dark and cold as I slowly slip away.
"Don't go towards the light," they yell as my eyes grow heavier and heavier.
I struggle despite myself and I push on like a whirlwind that's here to slay.
I break all the shackles and rise up like the phoenix at its rebirth!
I shall not be bound by spirits so light yet I'm made of bone and skin!
I find myself soaring high almost aimlessly but effortlessly!
I'm filled with vengeance and energy so powerful!
It's like the lights never went off that day!

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