When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

They wany me but they dont want me

They want me but they don't want me

My lips stung by the bee they laugh
My skin like black dull leather so tough
Used up, dried up and very rough
Cover up that hair that's dry as hay
It will be muddled by the end of day
That's spoil sheep fur anyway

That butter skin with that lovely plump lip
Goddess on the whiter
Beastly on the darker
That wasp waist and that abundant hip
Divine on the whiter
Devilish on the darker

Syringe settled deeply into that pale skin
Fatten them up to look extra pretty
Your features are like that of my kin
How dare you! I'm not an ugly Betty
Unlike you who should be in a bin
Crying , whining and being ever so petty

But why are they all always so cross
Talking about the things we took
It is not yours anymore, accept your loss
I stand right here and take a close look
My identity has been stolen of course
And now I am done playing by the book

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