When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

He has my soul

He borrowed her for a twirl and I let him lead her
He crushed her toes grudgingly and without mercy.
He did not care that his partner did not dance to the same tune. He was too self absorbed.
He twisted her over and over without a slight hint of consideration of how worn out her soles maybe from a horrendous disguise of a waltz!
He did not hold her as she landed on the floor. In an instant her head hit the tiles with a thud and her scalp cracked open!
The room went as silent as the grave! The demonic music made an abrupt stop.
I gasped but Alas! I did not dare say a word
"A coward that's what I was". I thought in horror as I watched him drag his dirty feet over what was left of her brains and carelessly grabbed another for yet another devilish swirl.
Yet I said nothing still. I walked over to her and wept helplessly for it was me that had given her to him even when I knew better.
"Was I so naive, was I so oppressed and had I no pride?"
Yet I looked over my shoulder and watched him break apart another and not a sound did I make.
I had created a monster, laid its bed and fed it.
Perhaps this was my destiny

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