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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The crazy ex-girlfriend

Loud rings of anger and resentment echoed painfully through my head.
I was screaming within my mind.
I was driven to the point if suicide. My mind was obsessing over things way beyond my control.
Betrayal had stung like a heavy toxic creature injecting poison into your blood stream.
Strong and thick, cruised through my blood to my heart so painfully and quickly yet so slowly and sharp at the same time.
I was overwhelmed and way over my head. I felt the slow transition from depression to crazy hit me straight in the stomach.
It punched me so hard I had to hold my belly for support lest my legs gave up on me.
I was feeling something strong and so real and definitely not good for me yet I struggled to control it.
Yes his keys! How he values his cars!
 I was going to drop them in a ditch so hollow he'd have no way to go and shuffle with his various ladies. Oh yes he'd be damned if he dared!
Maybe I'd throw his shoes, burn them up! Something that would hurt.
I smiled gleefully and looked into the mirror. Suddenly, I couldn't do it anymore!
The look in my face scared my little portion of conscience left. My pride threatened to overthrow my crazy. We fought in a manner that was gruesome!
Crazy beat sanity and sanity overthrew her. My spirit buckled under the pressure and in the instant I'd turned into the crazy ex girlfriend.

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