When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Friday, 18 March 2016


I drift merrily on the white beach sands of the great coast of Dar es salaam.
My head hovers freely as I go. I have had a few glasses but my insides chant in harmony. My mouth curves into a smile. I can not breathe. I close my eyes. I cannot feel.
Soft ocean waves caress my barefoot in perfect delight.
I'm at absolute peace. My dress dances fondly with the breeze. My mind is at ease and I'm unstoppable in that moment.
Flares of laughter and joy fill my heart and soul.
I smile knowingly as a new realization settles down my being.
A journey I always hungered after. Inspiration that no thirst could quench was finally smiling back at me up in the clear blue skies of Hakuna Matata.
It was like all the pain I'd ever felt was suddenly gone. I wasn't alone anymore. I never was.
So much beauty and tranquility engulfs me.
I can't breathe but I'm ecstatic. My body is a merry_go_round floating through a colossal abundance of serenity.
I have found my true love. I'm searching no more.

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