When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

love struck

lawfully charmed
he that made me smile once upon a gloomy moon
made me turn around a sour mood
led to me straight from bitterness to happiness
from anger, hurt and betrayal
to everything  right down to royal and loyal
and i pondered in awe silently to myself
he was the only one that made my heart smile. all by himself

Saturday, 3 January 2015

new years resolution

The coming of lady dawn

I was staring at my self in the mirror long and hard as I felt the depression slowly kick in and consume my mind obsessively.
Even if I felt this overwhelming heaviness I knew I had come from far.
Gone are the days when I suddenly broke down in the shower and made frantic calls demanding for answers or attention.
11 months had passed and once again time had indeed proven its test.
The scars were slowly disappearing and this new feeling was  slightly disconnected even though it itched naggingly to a familiar tune.
This new emptiness toyed between depression and anxiety.
I slid my hands through my fine crown of kinky coils and once again smiled at the transformation I'd set out to make and indeed I merged conquerer.
I hadn't let  petty comments and nay-sayers pit stop my journey to new self discovery and total acceptance.
I proudly smiled and the same reflection of my genuine happiness lit up in my famous wide exaggerated smile.
Despite the fact that I was definitely a new woman who had worked so hard to where she was I still felt like I hadn't reached my ultimate goal.
My ultimate goal was to be a woman free of guilt from all my past failures , transform into what I was really destined for, chase all my dreams and passions and always move forward with my head held up.
No longer will I be caged by guilt from the past for I've conquered my demons and they no longer hold me back.
A new life slowly buds in front of me with a promise of a great new year.
I have no regrets. Just full anticipation and full gear for the new year.