When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

she has no heart

Oh but she did. Have a heart. A heart that was as big as the galaxy. Soft as the marshmallow but as strong as steel!
You could perhaps say a heart that goes on forever.
But what's forever yet promises are broken in a split second.
When words that meant so much were readily abandoned.
When the next good thing came around.

"She feels not," they mock her.
She has a heart as cold as a boulder.
Have they seen the tears she cried so helplessly nightly as she tried to slip to her slumber but in vain?
Did they stay to keep her sane as she slowly lost her sanity?
And her eyes once so full of hope clouded with craziness and confusion?
Had they been  there when she threw her hands hopelessly to the gods of mercy?
Or when rage overwhelmingly wrapped her
And she threw gigantic horrendous tantrums to the universe?
I bet they didn't.
For they say her heart is crudely guarded by a pretentiously high malicious wall
From the love she so readily gave and was immediately thrown back in her face.
Yet she smiles every day
As her heart melts
And alas the days go by slowly but surely
And she lives on and on
But with a heart so corrupt and irreparable
No one can dare fix it

Monday, 21 April 2014

Gods of mercy

With my naked skin on the cold cruel floor I lay like a helpless gambler
My insides torturing me like a slave in the slaughter chamber
Aye to thee heavens my whole I surrender
Body soul and mind submit to your mercies
Bask me in your rude awakening and make me whole again
My shield shall be my pain and my armor your punishment of my sin
Make me wake oh heavens, make me walk

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

hope that never dies

Cry not my child
For better days come when you least expect.
Worry not lass, for you are beautiful in ways that words cannot express.
Be strong little one.
Love thyself like you are your own most determined suitor.
Let no one tell you what you must land must not be.
The light beyond the tunnel shines brighter than the city lights.
Hold on, stand tall with your head held high.
Dark days perish away with each sunrise.
Smile and let tomorrow be your new beginning

Thursday, 10 April 2014

singing to dim out your demons

I sing a song aloud
I pace and stroll around
The only thing I hear is the sound
The echo from where within I'm bound
Bound in a pit so deep and round
Where I can never be found
But I moan on like a hound
To dim out the heavy pounds
Weighing me down where I've wound