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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

In her head "tease"


OMG! I have to look my best if I have to get this interview!
My goodness, I am late and yet I'm meeting the world's hottest super model and there's no way in hell I can go in this one month old dress: it would be simply ridiculous.
The whole world knows me, just yesterday I was chatting with Oprah.
My inbox is so full and I'm being stalked to the brim. Whatever shall I do everyone wants me, it’s exhausting.
Maybe next time you will call my Personal Assistant, I have a thousand things to do and I'm barely free.
This weekend I'll be in Paris...

Every day there was a new opportunity so high class Holy just couldn't deal. Holy was living the dream and everyone wanted her.
Her schedule could just not afford for petty things like waking up at 7am and going to church or eating. There just wasn't time.
If there was a party of course there was always a possibility for clearing her overwhelming taxing schedule.
Everyone in town was hot on their heels for Holy and her pager just couldn't help going off every second.
There was absolutely no time to waste looking for jobs because everyone around the corner wanted her.
She was a super model, most sought, most desirable and very popular.
She’d worked with the big names and everyone just had to know her.
The only problem is it was all in her head.

Her imagination had taken her to so many great places, she had a colossal chunk of achievements but still she couldn't stop.
Day after day her thoughts transformed great things into unimaginable adventures.
The world owed her. She was supposed to be out there.

People looked for her, she didn't look for them....

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