When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Thursday, 8 May 2014


A bird that flies
With broken wings as it cries
Under the cruel sun that fries
The injured wound as it dries
Yet again it will rise
Just in time to claim its prize
For the bird that flew was wise
And had that hope that never dies

The hopeful bird did sing
As if to reignite his wing
But only more pain did it bring
Yet the little bird flew on like a king
And his voice as loud as a ring
Of a bell did sting
But he went on and on like spring
And oh it was a beautiful thing !

The little bird that flew was brave
Even as he slowly neared his grave
He knew that some hope he must save
Even though rest is all he could crave
All his strength he made sure he gave
His silent goodbye was a wave
As he slowly headed into the dark cave
A road to freedom he must pave

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

she has no heart

Oh but she did. Have a heart. A heart that was as big as the galaxy. Soft as the marshmallow but as strong as steel!
You could perhaps say a heart that goes on forever.
But what's forever yet promises are broken in a split second.
When words that meant so much were readily abandoned.
When the next good thing came around.

"She feels not," they mock her.
She has a heart as cold as a boulder.
Have they seen the tears she cried so helplessly nightly as she tried to slip to her slumber but in vain?
Did they stay to keep her sane as she slowly lost her sanity?
And her eyes once so full of hope clouded with craziness and confusion?
Had they been  there when she threw her hands hopelessly to the gods of mercy?
Or when rage overwhelmingly wrapped her
And she threw gigantic horrendous tantrums to the universe?
I bet they didn't.
For they say her heart is crudely guarded by a pretentiously high malicious wall
From the love she so readily gave and was immediately thrown back in her face.
Yet she smiles every day
As her heart melts
And alas the days go by slowly but surely
And she lives on and on
But with a heart so corrupt and irreparable
No one can dare fix it

Monday, 21 April 2014

Gods of mercy

With my naked skin on the cold cruel floor I lay like a helpless gambler
My insides torturing me like a slave in the slaughter chamber
Aye to thee heavens my whole I surrender
Body soul and mind submit to your mercies
Bask me in your rude awakening and make me whole again
My shield shall be my pain and my armor your punishment of my sin
Make me wake oh heavens, make me walk

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

hope that never dies

Cry not my child
For better days come when you least expect.
Worry not lass, for you are beautiful in ways that words cannot express.
Be strong little one.
Love thyself like you are your own most determined suitor.
Let no one tell you what you must land must not be.
The light beyond the tunnel shines brighter than the city lights.
Hold on, stand tall with your head held high.
Dark days perish away with each sunrise.
Smile and let tomorrow be your new beginning

Thursday, 10 April 2014

singing to dim out your demons

I sing a song aloud
I pace and stroll around
The only thing I hear is the sound
The echo from where within I'm bound
Bound in a pit so deep and round
Where I can never be found
But I moan on like a hound
To dim out the heavy pounds
Weighing me down where I've wound

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Judgment day vs alien abduction

Sweaty palms shook as the judge announced the beginning of a world new order.
The grey haired middle aged man was continuously rubbing his bald patch with his wrinkled palm while he flipped through pages of what seemed like the "book of life."
The book of life was where all the names of the unworthy and worthy to go to paradise was written according to the beer gutted gentleman.
All the supposed worthy sat on the right and the rest of us on the left.
What was the point of reading through the book if we were already categorized into left and right.
I could hear girls crying at the back as he slowly but loudly begun to read the names.
Someone had already briefed us that we were supposed to represent our elders in the other dimension if they were sinful, corrupt or irreparably soiled!
Why then were people having stifled cries yet they knew too well the proceedings of the event.

He had read the third name by then as my thoughts drifted away. Three girls were lined up as if ready to go to the slaughter chamber.
I looked to my right and I noticed all the men, boys and supposed elders were comfortably seated on the right.
I laughed inwardly at such hypocrisy. 
Why was it us to take the blame for these politically corrupted perverts and lame excuses of men?
Why were we even representing them as if even once in their lifetime they ever represented us?

And then as if a short frail nappy haired dark girl had read out my thoughts she burst out in emotional turmoil. 
"I shall not stand in place for a rapist, a terrorist, a corrupt leader just because I am looked at as a lesser member of society..."
Before she could finish her statement, another man rudely interrupted her from the supposed jury and screamed out arrogantly.
He stood up and pointed his thin bony wrinkled finger at her. "Open up the skylight and release the beasts, she goes first."
"Dad, no please, please, you absolutely cannot," the poor girl screamed as two guards dressed in black came up to drag her to the center of the court room where the sky light opened up and a bright white blinding light came flooding harshly into the room.
The self righteous people on the right pulled out their 3d glasses as if to block out their sin. The rest of us dived under our seats while the unlucky ones had their eyes melted out from too much brightness.
The three girls who had previously been the first 3 in line fell back with hands over their eyes.
And then in one second the guards took cover by standing on the far sides and the frail little girl was risen up into the white strong light.
She screamed as her eyes melted out from the brightness. Her father didn't close his eyes for he was blind. 
In an instant the light was gone with her and i could see a tear roll from the old man's face....

to be continued

Monday, 17 March 2014

True Hero

He that was hero
Never did he ever come from zero
Heart so filled with kindness
Overshadowing all blindness
Then he fell ; but never on his knees
A true hero was always at ease!

A true gentleman in his own right
Never did he ever block the light
He let it come shining through the room
Even if the day was prophesied to go to doom
A real hero he was then!
And to everyone he was always a ten!

Great hero! True gentleman!
Singing your praises to the moon and the sun
Even as he watched his true love go
He never stopped to say to love "no"
Then time passed and it was his time to go too
He smiled knowing all he'd done was good!

A hefty farewell

Fare thee well!
I cry out but all in good will
I have escaped the pits of hell
And yet my heart is still downhill
My cries ring out loudly like a bell
But I know I've paid my bill

Goodbye my once thought dream
Suddenly my nightmare seem so dim
Yet my tears flow nonstop like a stream.
If only something could blow off the steam
Then maybe i could join the happy team
And my smile will be as light as a beam

From the bottom of my heart I say adieu
Maybe I haven't yet paid all my dues
But suddenly days ahead don't seem so blue
For my new life's motto is not all is true.
I rest my case before i am in deep stew
For all I am now, I started anew

Fair thee well and good I wish to you

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

In her head "tease"


OMG! I have to look my best if I have to get this interview!
My goodness, I am late and yet I'm meeting the world's hottest super model and there's no way in hell I can go in this one month old dress: it would be simply ridiculous.
The whole world knows me, just yesterday I was chatting with Oprah.
My inbox is so full and I'm being stalked to the brim. Whatever shall I do everyone wants me, it’s exhausting.
Maybe next time you will call my Personal Assistant, I have a thousand things to do and I'm barely free.
This weekend I'll be in Paris...

Every day there was a new opportunity so high class Holy just couldn't deal. Holy was living the dream and everyone wanted her.
Her schedule could just not afford for petty things like waking up at 7am and going to church or eating. There just wasn't time.
If there was a party of course there was always a possibility for clearing her overwhelming taxing schedule.
Everyone in town was hot on their heels for Holy and her pager just couldn't help going off every second.
There was absolutely no time to waste looking for jobs because everyone around the corner wanted her.
She was a super model, most sought, most desirable and very popular.
She’d worked with the big names and everyone just had to know her.
The only problem is it was all in her head.

Her imagination had taken her to so many great places, she had a colossal chunk of achievements but still she couldn't stop.
Day after day her thoughts transformed great things into unimaginable adventures.
The world owed her. She was supposed to be out there.

People looked for her, she didn't look for them....

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dreams 2

Solid pieces of clouds spread abundantly  in the sky
I lay peacefully on my back and wishfully imagine i can fly
Dearest of all imaginations force me to cry
But all in happiness these tears I muster..
For he the great, they call him the Titan master!

I thought I was through
But this bit was untrue
As my legs and eyes stayed frozen like ice
And my mouth fell open  to stare at Mr. Nice
Just then, I thought he winked
And instantly I felt like forever we will be linked!

My wineglass slipped from my trembling hands
And my heart beat like a couple of bands
At that moment, I almost fell
But no! the strong Titan hands held me well
And left me aching for even more!