When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Friday, 13 December 2013

deathly lullaby 2

As my mind thus wanders back and forth;
Nearer and farthest...
My head faces stilly to the north
One direction so in tact yet the other at its fastest
Thoughts of slipping away silently
To my eternal resting place
Come visit me almost nightly
And sing melancholic tunes mockingly to my face

Restless, hopeless, helplessly I lay
Twisting almost agonisingly in my bed
In my mind I see something as swift as a ray
But I know all this wishfulness is in my head

The Excruciation is the devil at play
If he were man enough he'd know when to slay  
I curse silently in my chamber but forget to pray
My mind's chosen suffering and there it will stay
If I might, I will gladly die tonight. That I may
It will be my last word I swear: that I must say

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

death note

If I die to night let not this be my last song.
For songs that play way after the audience has left echoes through the streets and warms hearts that did not know needed embrace, solace and soothing.
Has my life become a barrel of emptiness, disillusionment and hopelessness?
Do I value it so little that I would throw it away for someone who has never, does not and will never care about me?
I wonder why I put myself so low.
That great chances pass me by whilst I cry over spilled milk; something that was inevitable: couldn't have done something to save it.
I feel myself drown and I let it happen.
Watch me disappear beneath the ocean.
I take a giant step forward and several backwards.
I do this to myself and yet again blame the universe.
Is it not me that sends those bad signals?
Am I not the bad vibe magnet?
I always was proud but not anymore.
Its like I thrust away my self value and now see me through your eyes.
I write down my death note with sincere happiness.
I hope the world could be a better place without me. Your world