When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Saturday, 29 June 2013

talk about verbose

Naturally, he smiled and I smiled back.
The conversation was getting a little bit odd. The only thing that I just wanted to do was stretch my hand out to shut him out.
I smiled politely yet again at the continuous tedious unfunny joke. The mouth on him could go on forever.
I yawned deliberately in silent rebellion. Everyone laughed. I looked over my shoulder to realize that I had once again missed out on the good side of the conversation.
He laughed the loudest at his unbecomingly insensitive jokes. His mouth curved in shape of a cave and I could see pieces of different cuisines he had eaten early on that day or even days before.
I laughed awkwardly as my heart tore in between nostalgia and pain from a boring conversation and an infamous chain of cheesy unfunny jokes.
Everyone regarded me in utter resentment. I cringed inwardly in sincere embarrassment.
My head sunk slowly in mortification like the titanic.
I yearned for someone on the good side of the conversation to say something random…anything.
He silently cursed under his breath finally realizing I was trying to do everything possible to ignore him.
It begun to drizzle and as the stereotypical black girl who will not have any single droplet of rain in her hair, I ran.
I ran away in final relief and freedom.
No words explained and no time to make small talk about how it had suddenly begun to pour and I needed to check out.

I looked over my shoulder as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I saw what seemed like a clear mini liquid come out of his eye …and I couldn’t quite tell if it was from the rain, tears of failure or yet another self-righteous outbreak of laughter from his own bad jokes.