When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Sunday, 31 March 2013

when i got drugged 2

She stared out the window hopelessly. She felt like the devil had exchanged her soul for some depressed soul that hasn’t gotten closure after committing suicide years ago.
Lurking in the dark shadows blindly but with false hope and purpose.
Yes, she was in desperate need for hope. She puffed at her cigarette mercilessly like her lungs were made of metal.
She looked far beyond to the stars and she noticed there wasn’t any.
She shifted edgily at her window seal and looked way down below. People smiled at laughed.
Oh how it filled her with nostalgia. HHow she hated it…how she hated them.
The heat from the cigarette burnt her fingers painfully to remind her it was time to quit.
She let it go off the balcony slowly, like a suicidal girl.
She threw on her top and walked reluctantly to the front of her apartment. Her mind raced faster than a racing car…
Her heart was exploding with guilt, trauma and some kind of heart break…

Sunday, 17 March 2013

when i got drugged

My face hit the ground glaringly yet very gracefully. Everything was in double and my eye sight was very fuzzy.
I was seeing the Dutch angle being carefully established in a more realistic account. My limbs had definitely lost balance and my head was swaying swiftly like a water wave on a calm summer’s day.
I tried to breathe in and out as if in one of my meditation exercises but in vain.
I struggled to stay upright as the elevator cruelly tossed me over and over. Stamina was the last thing my petit body was willing to embrace at that particular moment.
The night was cold and harsh. Mocking alarms warned me that I had reached my level. The lift fell open with me.
I cursed nastily yet peacefully as my poor head hit the ground again. This time it was so gruesome and full of vengeance….