When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Monday, 11 February 2013

The little bird that sang

There was a little bird that sang melancholic tunes.
The ambiance was so tranquil yet filled with mockery
All its tweets depicted sorrow and its choruses incited distress.
The little bird sang beautifully but pitifully
Going over versus that sounded like chants at a funeral
Giving off a sad impression to any passerby that heard it sing
It made them weary and filled with grief as much as the little bird
Then one day came a little girl skipping playfully into the woods
Pig tails so curly and cheeks round and full of happiness
She sang merry tunes that really angered the little bird
The little bird sang on and on but the little girl did not seem affected
It increased its voice as it flew from branch to branch chanting in its usual disdain
The little girl however skipped on even more cheerfully
The bird soon wore out of singing soon and finally settled on a nearby branch quiet.
The little girl finally stopped too feeling sorry for the little bird.
Breathing helplessly the little bird begun to sing yet another sad tune
“why do you intone so little bird” The little girl asked.
The little bird then stopped singing and turned to the little girl a little shocked.
No one had ever asked him why he was so sad.
The bird begun to tell the little girl his sad tale.
“Ever since I was little, I have not seen any happiness,” said the little bird.
“As an egg, my mother was shot by hunters and my other siblings eaten for breakfast.”
“However, I survived and went on ahead to struggle all by myself. So in the woods, I sing sad songs to all passersby and depress them in my twisted tunes.
“You did survive didn’t you?” asked the little girl
“Yes, but I was left in this world alone, why should others be happy while I’m not?” the bird replied.
“It’s only you who makes yourself happy,” said the little girl.
The girl then went ahead to narrate a similar tale to encourage the bird.
“My parents were both hunters and eaten by bears five years ago.
 I was just 3 months old by then. For a whole six hours I was hungry and crying.
 However, an old woman passing by heard my cries and picked me up.
She brought me up until I was 5 and died just a few months ago.”
Touched, the little bird said, “so how do you go on around making merry every day? Shouldn’t you sing sad songs and let people know that you are sad? Make them know your pain and feel it too”
The little girl laughed and shook her head. “What’s the point? It’s not like it will bring back my parents or my guardian.” However, skipping in the woods everyday singing happy tunes makes me feel like they are with me in spirit. With every verse I feel my spirit break free and dance with them. That joy is enough to give me hope and keep me going.”
Speechless, the little bird went over the words of the little girl. He turned to speak to her a little more but the girl had gone.
At night he thought about it over and over.
If this little girl could do it, he would do it too.
The little bird woke up early the next day and he welcomed the sun with a chirp.
The animals in the jungle hauled out their heads in shock to confirm that it was really happening.
At first, the tweet was low then as the sun rose higher it was like an outburst of joy. It grew cheerier and gayer.
The sight of sunrise at dawn brought tears of joy in its eyes. The golden sun rays made the dew on the leaves glitter like diamonds and the flowers of the valleys glow like gems.
Never had the little bird seen this ever since it was born. He flew even higher following the sunrise, singing and feeling the spirit rise within him.
As he floated in the sky he realized that the stream below was as blue and glistening as the sun. Happiness broke through him and soon he looked beside him and realized that a similar female bad flew besides him.
Shyly he slowed down his tune and the female bird smiled in encouragement. Soon they were both chanting happily and by now the sun was up in the sky bright.
The little bird and his new companion finally settled on a branch and they stared at the clouds. The little bird finally realized one of the clouds was the little girl. She smiled, winked and floated away.
The little bird was shocked but then suddenly a new realization dawned on him as the female bird nestled her head close to his.
A smile curved and on his face and he sighed. The days were going to be better. The woods were going to be different. Every decision made was going to be influenced by happiness.
It was time to be happy and make other people happy too.