When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A sign

I looked out my window in a pensive and very tranquil manner.

As I stared blatantly into empty space, I instantaneously realized that there were two things that I really needed to change about my life;

The way I looked at things and the way I treated things.

This weird mirage thing happened earlier.

The days had been ruthlessly hot and calculatedly harsh. The only thing that was keeping me from melting was the fact that God had built me on a strong foundation…

The leaves rattled violently yet gently outside my window

The cold breeze floated easily into my half open window forcing me to wake up.

I crawled outside my bed vehemently and rushed to close my windows. I walked reluctantly like a zombie deprived of brains.

The floor seemed like deathly ice and the room seemed like a vengefully cold freezer.

Then I suddenly looked outside the window and I thought oh no…what time was it…
I dashed to my phone by my bedside and clicked on the screen to find out what time it was. It was 6…6pm!!

Had I slept the whole day and night…oh no! What was happening to me?

Had I become so indolent that my whole life was about to float away while I slept?

Had all the lessons I had learnt straining my eyes to read all that information about how to improve my life all gone to waste?

Suddenly, I heard a slight cough and I knew what that meant. My dad only coughed like that in the morning…strongly yet very serene and almost elegantly.

I breathed a selfish sigh of relief.

That meant I hadn’t wasted my day away.

It was just 6am in the morning.

Just when I was going to creep back into bed, I heard a slight argument outside my door.

It seemed like people fighting while whispering.

 A little girl, an old man and a middle aged woman.

I fidgeted and twisted almost carefully in my bed unsure of what was going on. There was no little girl in our household!

Strange words were being exchanged and the little girl seemed to be controlling the argument.

It went on for about five minutes. I stayed in bed not knowing what to do.

Then the old man broke out in tears. Sobbing almost quietly but heartily like someone had died.

I jumped out of bed, unlocked my door and ran out.

There was nothing whatsoever.

I hurriedly ran downstairs with my heart pumping violently like I was running away from a murderer.I looked around carefully as my whole body shivered. Nothing still.

I ran around the house and finally having realized I must have been hallucinating, I ran back upstairs to crawl back into bed.

That was weird. Almost like I was in a horror movie. All the things I had heard from my father coughing were just an illusion because he wasn’t even around.

My heart beat violently but I was determined to sleep a little more while the good sleeping weather lasted.

Suddenly, the same noise started all over again, I covered with my head my duvet and shut my eyes tight like a little girl whole just had a nightmare.

Then suddenly I could hear all the noise coming from outside my window.

It was the wind. It was whispering something. It was carrying a message in its whistling.

I cleared my mind automatically by blocking all those horrific thoughts and listened carefully. It was something about getting out of bed and walking to the window.

I listened to my calling and followed the now soothinghowling of the wind. Suddenly it stopped and seemed like it dropped.

I suddenly looked down where I had stopped and there was a stuck of leaves tucked in the corner. That only meant one thing….
The sign was as clear as day light, there was no over reading into it. It was just that.

I smiled feeling satisfied and walked assertively to the balcony.
The day was fledgling and full of so much promise with its colors of dawn, the glittering dew carefully aligned on the leaves and the smell of a fresh new day.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sometimes life gives you exactly what u feared it would.

Sometimes life gives you exactly what u feared it would.

It mocks you until you feel like the universe is all about throttling you till you have no space to fight back…

Spiraling you round and round like you were in some kind of psycho-pathological roller coaster… making you scream till your own dear voice is absorbed by the merciless winds…

It’s some kind of test to see how strong you are…to see how far you can bend before you break.

But you know what they say…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

If you endure the test you stand a chance to learn from experience…as we do know experience is the best teacher. This has been preached since time immemorial…

Now it’s time to take life by both its cruel malicious horns as it charges towards you like a wild angry bull...

Hold onto those horns so firmlyand tame it like a real master should his beast…

It’s time to let it know that you have accepted the challenge and it can bring it on …

For the harshness, pains and sufferings that it had bestowed onto you have prepared you for the battle…

the battle of life…