When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

OMG Halloween!

Halloween was the one perfect night besides Christmas, New Year and Prom Night that I most anticipated in the year.

There was something rousing about Halloween that went from pumpkin curved jack-o- lanterns, colossal assortments of candy almost literally flooding the place, eerie wild party promises and different costumes all around the place.

My Halloween was not even about candy but Halloween costume parties were the “it thing” about town later in the night. From school parties to club and bar parties, everyone had a venue to choose at their convenience.  For most, it was school party first, then an after party later at the local bar.

Girls knew that this night was an excuse to wear sluttish things and not be judged-not that they never wore sluttish things usually- but this time, it was Halloween and this meant free tequila night all night long for girls and no judgment…isn’t great to be a girl at this point !

Anyway back to the point, so I am freaking over Halloween and I am thinking OMG I wanna be a super unique character; sexy and a bit spooky and emo at the same time- maybe a sensual asylum nurse costume with provocative goth make-up. Yes, that was it, now I had to create time to totally go for this non trick-o-treating altogether exciting event. That was just a few days before Halloween.

Last year I had gone as a sexy play boy bunny and I had been selected as one of the people with the best costumes (not bragging definitely) and someone else was dressed just like me. 

So this time, I had to go to an extreme height to make sure I had a pretty different costume. So I decided scary yet suggestive goth nurse because most girls would rather look sexy than creepy on Halloween- or usually. Well, not this girl!

My heart raced dangerously as I went to bed. It almost chocked me in the most beautiful way yet vexed me pretentiously with enthusiasm. Hope of beautiful nightmares oozed about my nightly aura as I thought of how exhilarating my Halloween was going to be; after all it had always gone great ever since I started celebrating Halloween.
I finally slept and had dreams of pumpkin curved decor, uninhabited and cool daunting makeup and  d├ęcor plus Michael Jackson’s thriller music playing in the background followed by a couple of zombies dancing to it.

I danced fearlessly and unwaveringly on the dance floor. For some reason, I was alone in a cobweb and spider draped smoky club and I somehow didn’t care because it was Halloween.

Then there was the Oppa Gangnam style song- why was it playing at a Halloween ghost themed party? I thought to myself but then again it was the new hit so whatever, I begun to move my feet and the song was pretty cool as I rocked away in my mermaid costume. The song ended and started all over again even faster- this was wrong, we weren’t supposed to dance to this song...and playing it all night just wasn’t fair.

I walked over to the skeleton dressed dj in the most furious of ways. As I crossed to the dj booth a sleek black pregnant cat with luminous yellow eyes crossed my path and ran out of the club. Being one who was never superstitious, I disregarded it and continued on my mission to get better music for my awesome Halloween night.  
I begun to talk to him but he seemed to be ignoring me, I tapped him on the shoulder so that he could turn his attention to me and ….no it was an actual skeleton! OMG panic swept over me as it made an evil laugh and its lower jaw dropped off instantly. It continued to chase after me like pacman and I ran like a headless chicken- scramming for my life.

 Then on my way out was the “ it clown” with its heavy poor done white facial powder, red big nose as big and round as bun, exaggeratedly done huge lips with thick lipstick that almost looked drawn, heavy mascara and on its eyes, hefty ears , bloody red hair and then the most dreaded clown costume with overly sized shoes to confirm that it’s a clown .  It sang oppa gangnam style while running after me doing the moves so perfectly. Then I could see its razor sharp yellowing teeth like that of an addicted tobacco smoker.

 This was my childhood nightmare, it spooked me out of all the monsters in horrors I ever encountered. I felt like I was in a horror movie at the moment and the audience watching kept screaming, “Run Bitch, Run”. I collected my “tail” as it was long and begun to run wildly as if in response to the audience’s plea.

AS fast as I ran, it finally caught up like it always did even in the movie. It pushed its hand forward like the evil pedophile that it was to grab me as it came close to me. I screamed dramatically and as loud as I could muster and my eyes flew open instantly, OMG eyes open… a sigh of relief escaped form my chest.

 The “oppa gangnam style” song played on however and I almost shivered slightly. Then I noticed my phone was ringing- yes it’s my ringtone for some reason I can’t quite explain. It suddenly stopped just as I was going to pick up then it hit me… the time on the home screen!!
I quickly jerked out of bed and looked out the window. OMG it was dusk and a rainy one.  What had I done? Had I missed everything while I dreamed about having an almost perfect Halloween before “it clown” and the skeletal dj came chasing me?

I jumped out of bed radically hoping it was dawn instead but I knew better. The sky‘s gloomy orange semi- murky blue aura that fought ruthlessly to push the sun down was definitely not the morning promise. I picked up my phone and silenced “oppa gangnam style”. I picked up my phone and looked at it. 15 missed calls! Oh well, I guess it explains the music playing over and over in my dream.

I was upset at this point! I had slept so much that I had missed going to the costume store to pick up my costume, I had not made proper arrangements for the night and everyone I was calling was not available.

I walked lazily to the bathroom, took a shower and sat helplessly on my bed feeling sorry for myself. Then it hit me! On Friday the 13th when I had no party plans, I always stayed in, ordered a juicy domino’s meat filled pizza and pulled out my collection of spooky movies. From Friday the 13th series to Freddy vs. Jason to Werewolf among us, my horror movie collection was already promising.

Yes that was it. I wasn’t going to have a dull Halloween just because of some costume and a party. A smile formed on my face at last.

I cancelled out the pizza though since I was too hungry and couldn’t wait later to order. I went to the fridge, pulled out a beer left from Sunday Night’s barbeque party and fetched out some noodles from the cupboard. After all I was in Asia; noodles were just a second away from your reach thankfully.

Yes. Beer and noodles! Strange as it seems, this was going somewhere good!

This was my perfect Halloween for now as I went about preparing for the session-if anything I was already in the good mood as I made my Halloween movie session so unusual and unique- after all that’s what Halloween was about… okay maybe it was about costumes and candy and pumpkin curvings – but not today. Today it was about me, my horror movie collection and beer with noodles and I wasn’t getting bored even for a second.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Staying indoors all weekend

Staying indoors all weekend

So you have been super busy all weekday and the one thing on your mind is sleep during the weekend.

Fortunately, your weekend’s gonna start early anyway because it is a public holiday on Friday; not that it makes a difference for me usually since I typically don’t have class on Fridays.

However, this time I don’t even have extra projects to do on Friday (my free day) since it’s national public holiday and all Muslims are away celebrating Idd.

So I have this perfect sleeping pattern planned for the weekend then pop…yup I have a report and presentation due on Tuesday and many more assignments that I haven’t even half finished yet. My sem is ending in 3 weeks and that means lots of projects to do before then. (Not that I haven’t been working my ass off all this time to finish them).

Anyway, as I see my forthcoming dilemma, I begin to plan ahead; that means I strive to do as much work as I can before Friday so I can sleep throughout my Friday at least. No single work being done at all whatsoever…just pure relaxation.

So I line up my programme for Friday; watching movies and eating all the time I am awake, sleeping then smoking shisha later in the evening then sleeping a little more…. or a lot more.

Yes, I had to do this when I realized I can’t afford to fill up my Saturday and Sunday with a whole session of chilling.

So I maximized my Friday; no blogging, no discussing anything about school but pure slackening.  My programme was going on so well so far until they told me the shisha place was closed for the holiday. OMG what! Unbelievable…this was one of the ways I released my stress after a long week of working….I couldn’t go to club either because it just wasn’t the same after the nearby local club closed down. This meant one thing….watching movies all until the next day.

I watched a couple of movies and this routine went on from midnight until 10am the next day. OMG no, this wasn’t in the plan. This meant my Saturday would be half wasted since I’d slept at 10am.

And indeed it was almost so. My sister rushed into my room to wake me up later that evening. It was 7pm on Saturday. Shit! I jumped out of bed and ran straight to my computer to do my work. Then I slowly relaxed as a certain freshness I hadn’t felt in a long time downed on me. I felt awake and not tired. My body was funky and I was not exhausted.

This only meant one thing….the relaxing thing the previous day was worth it. I got off my computer, went and took a shower, ordered some take out and ate in a relaxed manner.

One hour later, I begun to do my work and it was like my engine was reignited; no hold back, no energy drain and total determination.

Staying indoors was not so bad after all. I hit my old school playlist in the background as I went about my work. There was Missy Elliot (my fav. female rapper of all time), Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Eve, R Kelly and Twister among many others. This was enough for me for the moment.

There was something about old school and doing work. Everything went smoothly and was so promising. I don’t know if it is the good old memories of the 2000s or just the way the lyrics back then that made so much sense and screamed out inspiration.

All I knew was I had turned around staying indoors from the boring usual depressing theme to total awesome old-school-do-work-routine and it was totally doing it for me.
Not that staying in was better than going out but today; it somehow just didn’t matter.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Big girls don’t cry (emo diaries)

Big girls don’t cry

They say big girls shouldn’t cry but I think there is much more to cry about when you’re a big girl.

Little girls cry over melted ice-cream, fallen candy and a spoilt Barbie but not big girls …nop big girls just shouldn’t and I’ll tell you why.

There is so much pain that comes from being a big girl; from menstrual cramps to heartbreaks to labor pains and then finally menopause…. So who is to say big girls shouldn’t cry? …but then again they don’t even cry despite all these. Because women are strong people so much that they go through but they won’t cry… If they do they will only do it only when they can’t take it anymore.

That’s what we call girl power, that’s why women can multi-task and be tolerable for way too long than men can. Because God had to send a guardian angel to watch over people whilst he did his work up above…woman; the caring mother, the protective sister, the loving wife and the perfect daughter.

So much that the woman will do but be under looked. ..However, she will take it like a real woman but then again everyone has a breaking point like Keri Hilson said.  

So don’t take her for granted. ..Because if a woman doesn’t cry even after all the things you’ve put her through, she’s cooking up something, yes something that could probably end up hot and messy… on your face…or maybe even your mouth; and it will be an accident…OOPS!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Killing your demons (emo diaries)

Finally I had gotten a hold of myself after years of loathing and trying to kill him ruthlessly in my dreams. He was my nightmare, the dark one that stole people’s souls and sold it to Lucifer, the very heartless beast that tied you to a tree and watched you being eaten savagely by the werewolves and yet somehow you would want to hug him. Pure hypnotism at its best- yes they called him the master of hypnotizing and cruelty.  If he said he was crushing you, he literally left no bone un-minced to powder.

All this while I had let him so cluelessly  plot behind me, so stupidly trick me into thinking that everything that glittered was gold and the only thing that mattered in this world was to murder butter fingers. I had so adamantly refused to heed my friend’s warning about the dungeon filled with broken glass that sliced through your eyes as you tried to find your way out of the dark.

It was pure tyranny, pure evil, pure manipulation … but who was I not to say he was not good at what he did; for if he slayed he took down the whole village, he sucked blood to his own advantage and at other people’s expenses. If lying was a profession, he owned it he so efficaciously stood so stalwartly for the seven deadly sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride…just like the one with the red horns and pitch fork himself.

Oh but hadn’t I had it? Hadn’t the dark cruel night tyrannized me enough? Made me scotch in the sun so I could prove my eminence? This time he had gone too far, he had stripped away from me everything that mattered and I was left with nothing pieces of glass so callously slashing through my eyes.

Oh but the time had sure run out for the twisted imp to ride his headless gothic horse to no good cause. This girl had learnt from the bruises and had trained her mind whilst in her state of imprisonment; she had learnt that you only defeated a demon by looking at it straight in the eye and pulling out its heart while it watched it shriek with agony; that you had to do it with one heart, no fear, no shuddering but pure fortitude. They don’t just say you can kill your demon by coming face to face with them for nothing.

It was my time to face my demon and forever bury the pain that had so ruthlessly lodged and clutched at my heart forever.

So I got my armor ready, I tucked myself into bed , switched on a white noise sound effect and slipped off to sleep…. and the nightmare begun almost immediately…. as usual.

Dark Romeo dismounted his high horse and he charged towards me cold-heartedly and hurriedly with chains and whips… swinging them in the air swiftly yet ruthlessly….

But he did not see what was coming as I emerged from the ground like a fallen hero rising back to glory after years of being diminished for one small mistake….with a knowing evil grin I rose slowly but surely; no trembling, no flinching and no turning back; one of us was going to die today and it wasn’t me… the time had come for me to kill my demon…the one that had so cunningly spellbound me for a long time…

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Obsession with series or scoop of inspiration?

Obsession with series or scoop of inspiration?

So they say I have this obsession with series and I easily become too attached  to the characters. ”Omg really?” Is my first expression, “that’s tots not my thing…getting attached… like anymore.”

Yes, I say tots, so what? It’s not because of Dahlia Royce of suburgatory…. Okay maybe it is but who cares everyone picks up something from their fav characters in a movie, book or show.

It is okay to have some kind of inspiration or someone to look up to and I have noticed series have helped me make some wise decisions and shaped up my character.

For good relationships and friends, I look up to how I met your mother. Barney, Robin, Ted, Lily and Marshall are the sweetest friends there is. No judgment, pure understanding and support. I always watch the 4 friends with such great admiration; kind of reminds me of Friends. Who wouldn’t want to have such friends?

Desperate housewives did the same for me too but it sadly ended. However, I would totally want friends exactly like; Bree, Gabby, Susan and Lynette. Best and most supportive girlfriends ever. Which reminds me of make it or break it’s Lauren, Kylie and Payson which also had the same impact. So who says series are just a waste of time huh?

Then for the relationship bit, how I met your mother’s Lily and Marshall just set the bar for me in this area. What’s more beautiful and romantic than marrying and being in love forever with your high school sweetheart?  Maybe it sounds too fairytale and unrealistic, call me old fashioned but this is what love is to me.

Suburgatory is like a high school movie series full of girly mean plastic girls (Dahlia and the 3 Ks)….literally… and the new girl who is segregated and sad (Tessa). Omg this has to be one of my fav series. I tots love high school movies and what’s better than a whole series about something you really love. It’s like having Christmas all year; epitome of happiness if you ask me.

Once upon a time keeps my childhood memories pure and what’s even more exciting is they have all these fairytales I dearly loved, all combined in one series. From Pinocchio, little red riding hood and snow white to sleeping beauty , Mulan and Alice in wonderland’s mad hatter.  It’s like going to Disney land only to find out you can stay there as long as you want. Total awesomeness!

These days, all of my childhood fairytales have been adapted and remade so many times that they have been ruined and totally changed. Once upon a time is therefore some kind of messiah to me…literally…it came to revive my childhood fairytales but made it even more awesome by joining all of them.

For socializing, fashion and great inspiration for my future success, I look up to Gossip Girl. Besides the drama to give you an awesome experience of a dramatic high school life you never had, it has inspiring characters like; Blair who is obsessed with becoming a powerful woman and takes over her mother’s company with promising power to succeed, Dan, Ivy and Rufus who are struggling; writer, actress and musician in that order plus Chuck and Nate who are struggling to show their parents that they too can do it on their own.

All this is so inspiring and keeps me focused in school. That is why I will watch these series after school to get inspired to do my work while I take a break from undone assignments.

Anyway on the fashion side, the wardrobes and the high class life the people on the Upper East Side live just make you want to live that life hence encouraging you to even go harder.  Not forgetting awesome parties and events that are thrown….oh I gotta throw a party like those one day when I can.

This reminds me of 90210’s Liam, Annie, Naomi, Adrianna, Silver, Dickson and Navid who are also struggling and trying to get somewhere and occasionally we see the high class living and fashion in California; not forgetting that they are also timeless friends.

So watching series is totally awesome if you ask me and you who are addicted to series, keep watching because you never know what kind of inspiration you will get from these series.

I will keep updating on more series I haven’t mentioned yet. The above mentioned ones are one of my favorites of all time. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

my encounter with the she devil (bipolar diaries)

I used to be friends with this loud mouthed girl who was the biggest snob I ever knew.

How we became friends don’t ask, all I know is all the time I was with her, I had the urge to slap a bitch with no qualms but then again I thought to myself ; if we got in a fight ever, I’d have way more to lose than she would….after all you can’t ruin what’s already ruined. In this case the ruins were well…everything about her.

So this cold tranny looking girl is always going on about how other people are inferior to other people and how everyone’s ugly around her colossal bulk of a body.

Walking with her obscenely erect nose held up in the air and her unshapely chunk of a body polluting the fresh air, looking like an obese retarded stranded ostrich going on and about how everyone around her seems categorically poor and un-classy: - meaning you didn’t have a car like she did. Never mind that she was 10 years older than all her peers and it would be weird for her not to be independent.

In reality, everyone she called ugly was much better looking than her and the people who truly were bad looking were always the prettiest in her view. She knew how to eliminate competition if you ask me.

Well for one, I didn’t blame her for her insecurities; if my body and face looked undefined and I always looked like a needed a miracle to look normal, I’d probably be an attention seeking maniac out of control…probably pull a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears’ rebellious stunt.

Everyone who met her the first time could not stand her, they always asked why and how I was friends with such a person and I would scratch my head looking for non-existent excuses and reasons.

Naturally, I never came up with any. She was the she devil in black cheap looking calico and disfigured features ready to thump and tyrannize anyone to her own advantage.

I almost felt sorry for her sometimes.  She had nothing presentable about her and maybe her insecurities were her shield. She belched insults at people right in their faces like she intended to diminish you with her harsh words to make herself feel better.

Everyone seemed to understand her at first but then she took it too far. She was literally spitting in people’s faces. If anything, she was lucky to be alive…or a human being for that matter.

Anyway her luck had run out and at this point no one cared that she was insecure because of her appearance.

Her period of grace was over; she was in for some strangling, silent treatment and harsh public embarrassment. No one messed with me and went unpunished.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Success(family and friends)

Cold sharp invisible rays pierce through my skin ever so slightly and almost painfully.

Yes it is that godforsaken time of the morning when I have to wake up and do something.

The overbearingly cold air con is one thing that will rudely interferes with my finest dreams right before my alarm clock. I can’t seem to get the temperature right. It’s like one moment I am in the deep freezer and the next thing I am in an oven (if I dare to switch it off to get a piece of mind)

Everything around me is buzzing at this hour of the morning; the air con, the little annoying birds chirping right outside my window so loud I can literally hear exactly what they are chanting about…and then finally the alarm clock. Yes the malevolent imp of them all.

I couldn’t be gladder that I have a one week’s break. Well, except I really don’t have a break. I have days in between to do my final projects due in a months’ time.

Well, I can’t complain though- it’s not like I am waking up at ungodly hours of the morning anymore.

There’s much more to be grateful for than complain.

Family is one thing that so gladly blankets you with warmth and sprinkles you with warm showers when you are cold.

Friends that can be highly underrated are the ones that you can turn to when all hope’s gone.

But what’s really there to look forward to- Success, rewards and the joy of accomplishment. All that hard work that so readily set you on the edge to pull or lose some hair, that excruciating project that deprived you of your social life…all adding up to one thing. That one thing that you can always be proud of…..Success; you did it, you made it. Yes you, you with the nerdy angry look from stress and determination….

So what was the point of getting stressed, missing out on all those events that could have made you popular and dance like a video vixen?

Well, no body said there was an easy way or short curt to success did they?

So you and I should quit complaining about all the little things along our way to success like the alarm clock, the morning bird and the air con and concentrate on the beautiful things that keep us sane and motivate us in life to finally succeed….family and friends.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Peaceful Sunday (Destiny)

Peaceful Sunday (Destiny)

I only act the part that destiny has scripted for me
I only play the role that I was long casted for
 For destiny is the author of life
You can’t change your lines for you were born to play this part….

I wrote this poem in harmonious tranquility as the sound of the air conditioner in my room created a noise free aura. It felt like I was away from the city except there was electricity but the sweet feeling of waking up on a Sunday knowing that you have no school the next day only meant one thing. I had to write.

The exasperating feeling of a long week ahead was away for now. I had all the time in the world to do what destiny only designed for me years before I was born.
Write, inspire and aspire; I like to believe that this is my destiny for it was always I think my heart truly desired to do a fiery passion almost sinful is what I feel for my writing ….

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hiding behind thin walls

Hiding behind thin walls

No body knows who you really are 
No body knows that that strong girl once cried when her heart was broken,
That that skinny girl was bullied for being fat until she hated every single flesh on her body
That that poor guy had his days of glory
No body knows you like you know you
So nobody has the right to judge you for hiding behind thin walls
They don't know what you have gone through and why you had to go through that staff
So you who looks at people and judges like you're freaking perfect
 Hope your closets are locked lest your skeletons and dirty laundry come rolling out in full force like a waterfall when the closets are open 
Yes you with the erect shoulders and excruciatingly snobbish face
Its just a wall as thin as paper and maybe you can see through it and my past
But I am a better person for admitting my mistakes and rising up when I fall
Its  like the dirt on the floor never even  touched my face

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

fantasy vs reality

My reality is that I am some bored student whose life is between the school desk and my bed- if I am not working on a computer desk/ sitting at a desk in school I am working away on my computer at home.

My fantasy is that I am some kind of vigilante  who creeps out at night and murders fake people. By fake i don't mean women who have spent half of their life savings on a pair of giggly gigantic Dr  90210's silicon or lip enhancement.

No I mean people who pretend to be what they are not- complete wannabe's and bitches who feel better than others yet their faces look like a bad pan cake that has been cast into the bin ready to be demolished...oh maybe already demolished.

I mean come on this is not high school we are not in some kind of competition of who can pull their nose and mouth so long yet at the same time manage to sway non existent hips from side to side making then look like clumsy circus freak on those long sticks.

My fantasies only down on me when I see you, yes you with the retarded grasshopper look. One moment you look normal then snap , there it goes. The usual unpleasant face that I would so gladly smash into a building, the exaggerated facial features that could only make sense on an evil sculpture. 

Tonight in my dream, I will triumphantly take the bitch of fakeness down...that much I will but then again what about her protoges , are they to be left unpunished and looking like they are under some kind of malicious evil spell; following miss not so sunshine like little ducklings follow a mother duck.....well not for me. My dreams are killer...literally. I will do one thing and it will lead to another- if ugly mother duck has to be chopped up for Easter so must the ducklings lest they be left orphans and have such a lonely festive season......

to be continued......

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Why Sunday nights are such a pain?

Why Sunday nights are such a pain?
(Party animal’s view point)

Initially, the excruciating reminder that you have class or work the next day never gets old. You have had so many Sundays and the same feeling still downs in when Sunday finally comes.

Next, the exasperatingly persistent hangover that you have tried to treat all day but seem not to get a nippy remedy for are just another bonus to the “I hate Sunday night club”.

Oh and the fact that you have an assignment/work due the next day and you probably couldn’t get it done during the weekend because somehow you have managed to attend all the parties all weekend but not had time to finish your homework.

Let’s not forget the unsolicited insomnia that always skulks in on the most unwanted nights like during the weekday.
Friday or Saturday nights in are not very long nights as your body will probably feel tired from the long week and you will eventually sleep early. However, on Sunday night, as much as weekday nights, sleep will not come to wrap you even if you have a halo on your head.

All in all these are all the reasons Sunday nights are such a pain and the only way I try to make myself feel better is by doing my work and getting time to watch a movie or cartoon before I go to bed. It relaxes me and takes my mind of the fact that it’s Sunday night but I will forever dread Sunday night. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

bitch please moment (going ape shit)

Agitation washed over me and my twin sister as we were trying so hard not to get exasperated. We were trying to save this girl’s butt and she was making us seem like felons after consecutive incidental patterns of bad luck had been happening to us lately.

Now we were face to face at each other’s necks and I was the calmest by then. My arms were getting sweaty with the urge to slap an airhead and she kept talking and talking. She definitely didn't know what she was doing.

By this time, my sister was listening. She was going to go ape shit on this strange looking girl who was accusing us. She was obviously failing to communicate because she couldn't speak English so well but unfortunately , time had run out for her. 
We were no longer considering the fact that she was failing to understand us and she was being rude because she was struggling with English.

Then came the bitch please moment, “I am international and I can take you guys to police.” Uhm no one was there to hold my earrings or my necklace because my sister’s temper had long escaped. “Bitch please, what did you say? What do you mean you are international we are all foreigners in this country” “Uhhmm I am more inter……”  “Bitch go upstairs …climb those stairs and go to your goddamn room right now.” My sister yelled and we left the house. And then it was over.

What had just happened? What were we even arguing about again? Oh yeah she had accused us after we tried to help her out. Well her loss now the next day she was going to be evicted from the house because she failed to listen to us.

The next day she was crying but no one was caring as she was being evicted by the landlord. Poor girl…I almost felt sorry for but then again I didn’t; she was so damn arrogant….

Monday, 1 October 2012

I hate school but I am not gonna quit

I hate school but I am not gonna quit

Everyone or almost everyone says they hate school at one point of their education life.
I know I say I hate school more than any friends or people I know.
It’s the feeling that it gives me; that my life has to be scheduled in such a way that suits some learning institution, the deprivation of sleep because I have to wake up early for a class, the endless homework and assignments that get even harder the higher you go in the education levels and the final and hugest fact that you spend all your childhood and teenage hood in a learning institution.

However school is not all bad when you look at other kids who have no opportunity or who have refused to go to school.
If there is one big thing I thank my parents for it is for giving me a good education.
I went to one of the good high schools in my country, I am in a good university right now and my lower education was pretty good too.

Learning exposes us to lots of things that we may not know.
Honestly I hate having to wake up every day but the thought of missing up on an opportunity to learn something new drives me out of bed.

There are so many gates that education opens and that is why there is a saying education is the key to success.
Therefore, all I am trying to say is however much you hate school, don’t give up; no one likes school it is just that they know patience pays and there’s no easy way to success.

You can hate school but love your future. Hate is just a word we use a lot when we in suffering but once it’s all over it is worth it in the end.

How to write a good story/ essay

How to write a good story/ essay

Many times people ask me how I get motivated to write and I am thinking wow how do I start to explain this.
1.   First of all, I love to write. That should be the key point. Even if you may not get good grades for your writing class, as long as you love to write there is always a promise in the piece you write.

2.   Therefore you have to practice. Yes, writing is a talent but sometimes all we have to do to catch up with the already talented is work twice as hard in order to achieve our standard writing.

3.   Write from experience. It is always much easier to write something you have already experienced even if it is within a dream. This is the fastest way to get motivated because you already know what you are writing about. With fiction you don’t know and original creativity can be hard to attain. So it is better to use an experience and give it a twist of fiction.

4.   Know the topic to write about- research if you must. This is to avoid misleading people or getting criticized for not knowing your topic.

5.   Use metaphors, imagery and anecdotes to make the story more fun and relatable.

6.   However use common man words in order to avoid confusing readers and also this engages them. Writing using complex language makes you too ambiguous, showy and at times boring.

7.   Make you paragraphs short. People do not like to read very long paragraphs so it is always better to make paragraphs shorter.

8.   Use bigger font size in order to encourage people to read. Most people find it tedious and get demotivated when reading articles or stories with a very small font size.