When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Boyfriend/Ex-boyfriend issues

Having boyfriend/ex-boyfriend issues?

Girls with boyfriend/ex-boyfriend issues are always the ones with the best advice.
Isn't it ironic? No its actually not. 

Firstly when I say girls with boyfriend/ ex-boyfriend issues I mean girls who have an on and off relationship with the same one guy all the time. I mean even when they are with someone else they have this "it's complicated status".

I'm not being judgmental here; it is a known fact that women do get emotionally attached even to the biggest douches so this definitely will not come as a surprise.

So is it ironic or not? 

No its not. it's not because they have enough experience, have been through that shit and actually know what you are going through. 
Their advice is a cry for help, a warning of their own dilemma they can't quite pull themselves through.

Fortunately, Keri Hilson made it all clear to the guys out their though "every woman has a breaking point yo" so while these mini-therapist bask in their ambiance of being all logical in that grace period, don't judge them from what they preach and don't practice because out of experience I can assure you, they sure give the best advice when it comes to this issue.

In other words, it's not always who the advice is coming from but from what (experience, empathy and heart)it's coming from.
Experience really is the best teacher


  1. all in all ...experience is the best teacher...

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