When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I hate that bitch

                        According to Sara

Sara always knew her life was not perfect but she had never imagined that she would end up so miserable at one point. Keri what’s- her- face that little bitch.
She was the cause of all her misery.

She took it upon her to see to it that Sara had lost every tinny little bit of pride she had left.
First, it was Sara’s friends then her pride and now she was attempting to snake in with her boyfriend but she was wrong. She was not going to win that easily.

Just because she had let her have it before did not mean that she was going to continue to let her have it forever.

It all started with stupid building of sisterhoods. At the beginning of each year for 3 years since Sara joined high school; she, Meg, Bridget, Ally and Keri vowed to remain friends forever and everyone knew what that meant.

It meant they had their sister’s backs no matter what. Whether they were in wrong or terrible dilemma, they were always there even if it meant getting physical.
Each one of them had abided by all these rules willingly and to strengthen their sisterly bond they would meditate every weekend together and share their thoughts.

However as time went on; someone was secretly bending the rules and it was none other than Keri.
First, she meddled with Ally’s personal life and exposed her hearty secret but they came through it as sisters.

This did not stop here whatsoever because next, it was Bridget’s boyfriend she was secretly dating behind her back. With this, everyone was now angry. Bridget was the sweetest and did not deserve this so they all had it in for Keri.

She however apologized and framed Richard, Bridget’s boyfriend. She said he had seduced her and he had lied it was over between him and Bridget yet she knew too well that even dating a sister’s ex was wrong.

They got back together as sisters but Bridget was forever unhappy with Keri as much as all of them but they forged on anyway.

Lastly, it was Meg and that is where it all begins. Keri had some kind of problem according to Sara.

She had told Meg Sara had aborted and Meg as a sister had run and told her.
Sara was shocked at Keri. Wherever she got this from, Sara went and confronted her but she swore Meg was lying.

Sara was mad at Keri as she could not trust her over Meg given all the drama they had been through with her lately.                                                            

During meditation after that incident they all voted Keri be kicked out of the sisterhood and all agreed but they had not heard or seen the last of Keri.
She somehow made sure as she left she broke the sisterhood along with her.

And she succeeded.

She exposed all their different secrets and what they had said about each other in the past even before they were sisters. At first they ignored it but more secrets were exposed and it was too hard to continue bonding.
The sisterhood obviously died and even Meg left the school to make it worse.

The sisterhood was broken by the end of the third year of high school and Keri still itched to destroy Sara because she felt she had not really touched her.

Knowing that Sara loved her boyfriend so dearly she saw her chance to strike but Sara had had it. Her sisters, her pride and now Cornwall; no she was in for the fight because this year Sara was strapped in her fighting suit and was ready to strike first…

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