When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A girl’s gotta have her candy….. Emo diary

Clouds drifted dreamily in their heavenly affair and Begum sighed in an almost sensational abundance.

There was something pensive about things to do with the letter ‘C’ lately.

The clouds in the sky looked almost selfishly soft like they kept a pack of virgin gallant up above their pillowy softness only to be shared by the most deserving -yet ironically, the price never came…

Begum wondered why cats had such an elegant walk as though they were on a run way; in fact better, like they were walking for a great price or cause; so debonair, almost snobbish and well synchronized.
The walk was almost that of seduction, she wondered creepily.

Then there was Cloth. Yes people wore clothes. “But in what order?” she wondered as she noticed she was biting too hard at her nails…..

There was an old man I think, a kid and marshmallows; yes marshmallows.
And then blood…suddenly things were getting into place...

It was the day that Clown had been brought to her birthday to make silly tricks. Balloon animals, ostriches, pythons and weird staff she had but seen only on TV.

This monster had made all these wonderful stuff for her on her ninth birthday.
He had said he had a special treat for her later that night and she had smiled naively.

Now she was crying; yes he had given her her first cotton candy in many months.  She was not allowed to take a lot of sugar due to an undefined condition.

But hey, mother was not in view and neither was papa. The clown put his hands in her hands and took her upstairs.

Her room was filled with marshmallows and cotton candy. She smiled happily and danced around the room like a little ballerina.
This was pure heaven for a nine year old. So much candy could only have existed in Charlie and the chocolate factory or in fact heaven itself.

Suddenly the door went shut. The clown was nowhere to be seen; Begun shivered like a little new born koala and the room seemed a little too dark even with the lots of color being emanated from all the candy in the room.

Angry hurried steps sounded as the clown went downstairs. Begum walked in a zombie-like manner glued her ear to her door.

All of a sudden there were shrieks and screams worse than the ones she had heard in the amusement park when teens when on the roller coaster.

The first one sounded like mother and the second one sounded like papa, then came the laughing of the clown together with sounds of footsteps storming out of the house.

Begum shook inside but managed to get up and look through the window as the clown got out of the house.

 He looked up at her window and he winked. Begum smiled and waved goodbye. She turned back to her room picked up her cotton candy and ate it with the most exaggerated calmness.