When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A sign

I looked out my window in a pensive and very tranquil manner.

As I stared blatantly into empty space, I instantaneously realized that there were two things that I really needed to change about my life;

The way I looked at things and the way I treated things.

This weird mirage thing happened earlier.

The days had been ruthlessly hot and calculatedly harsh. The only thing that was keeping me from melting was the fact that God had built me on a strong foundation…

The leaves rattled violently yet gently outside my window

The cold breeze floated easily into my half open window forcing me to wake up.

I crawled outside my bed vehemently and rushed to close my windows. I walked reluctantly like a zombie deprived of brains.

The floor seemed like deathly ice and the room seemed like a vengefully cold freezer.

Then I suddenly looked outside the window and I thought oh no…what time was it…
I dashed to my phone by my bedside and clicked on the screen to find out what time it was. It was 6…6pm!!

Had I slept the whole day and night…oh no! What was happening to me?

Had I become so indolent that my whole life was about to float away while I slept?

Had all the lessons I had learnt straining my eyes to read all that information about how to improve my life all gone to waste?

Suddenly, I heard a slight cough and I knew what that meant. My dad only coughed like that in the morning…strongly yet very serene and almost elegantly.

I breathed a selfish sigh of relief.

That meant I hadn’t wasted my day away.

It was just 6am in the morning.

Just when I was going to creep back into bed, I heard a slight argument outside my door.

It seemed like people fighting while whispering.

 A little girl, an old man and a middle aged woman.

I fidgeted and twisted almost carefully in my bed unsure of what was going on. There was no little girl in our household!

Strange words were being exchanged and the little girl seemed to be controlling the argument.

It went on for about five minutes. I stayed in bed not knowing what to do.

Then the old man broke out in tears. Sobbing almost quietly but heartily like someone had died.

I jumped out of bed, unlocked my door and ran out.

There was nothing whatsoever.

I hurriedly ran downstairs with my heart pumping violently like I was running away from a murderer.I looked around carefully as my whole body shivered. Nothing still.

I ran around the house and finally having realized I must have been hallucinating, I ran back upstairs to crawl back into bed.

That was weird. Almost like I was in a horror movie. All the things I had heard from my father coughing were just an illusion because he wasn’t even around.

My heart beat violently but I was determined to sleep a little more while the good sleeping weather lasted.

Suddenly, the same noise started all over again, I covered with my head my duvet and shut my eyes tight like a little girl whole just had a nightmare.

Then suddenly I could hear all the noise coming from outside my window.

It was the wind. It was whispering something. It was carrying a message in its whistling.

I cleared my mind automatically by blocking all those horrific thoughts and listened carefully. It was something about getting out of bed and walking to the window.

I listened to my calling and followed the now soothinghowling of the wind. Suddenly it stopped and seemed like it dropped.

I suddenly looked down where I had stopped and there was a stuck of leaves tucked in the corner. That only meant one thing….
The sign was as clear as day light, there was no over reading into it. It was just that.

I smiled feeling satisfied and walked assertively to the balcony.
The day was fledgling and full of so much promise with its colors of dawn, the glittering dew carefully aligned on the leaves and the smell of a fresh new day.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sometimes life gives you exactly what u feared it would.

Sometimes life gives you exactly what u feared it would.

It mocks you until you feel like the universe is all about throttling you till you have no space to fight back…

Spiraling you round and round like you were in some kind of psycho-pathological roller coaster… making you scream till your own dear voice is absorbed by the merciless winds…

It’s some kind of test to see how strong you are…to see how far you can bend before you break.

But you know what they say…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

If you endure the test you stand a chance to learn from experience…as we do know experience is the best teacher. This has been preached since time immemorial…

Now it’s time to take life by both its cruel malicious horns as it charges towards you like a wild angry bull...

Hold onto those horns so firmlyand tame it like a real master should his beast…

It’s time to let it know that you have accepted the challenge and it can bring it on …

For the harshness, pains and sufferings that it had bestowed onto you have prepared you for the battle…

the battle of life…

Monday, 26 November 2012

Nat King Cole…the legend

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

If you feel discouraged and you’re about to give up ….and that all the things in life just keep making you sad at some point, I highly recommend you listen to Nat King Cole’s music. Above is a verse for one of my favorite...smile.

Allow me to bore you with detail but I can assure you it will be worth it.

Nathaniel Adams Cole's (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was a musician who first came to prominence as a leading jazz pianist. He owes most of his popular musical fame to his soft baritone voice, which he used to perform in big band and jazz genres. He was one of the first black Americans to host a television variety show, and has maintained worldwide popularity since his death.

Now this guy, has sang one of the best songs ever…I mean of all time literally.

It’s not just his dangerously deep soft voice that makes you weak kneed but also the amazingly beautiful lyrics.

Oh you’ll know when you search and listen to him. He has sung some of my favorite songs of all time; smile, too young, autumn leaves, unforgettable, love….I can’t even decide which one’s the best.

All I know is all the time I listen to his music, my heart won’t stop skipping and melting and tears will keep falling sweetly down my face. I’ll act like those hopelessly romantic teenage high school girls sobbing over the biggest douche bag or like I am watching a romantic movie. Yes the lyrics have that impact.

The beauty, the purity the innocence and the irresistibility of his songs and lyrics is the ultimate joy anyone can have.

When I’m listening to his songs I won’t stop tweeting;

omg nat king cole just makes u fall in love over & over...then cry...then hit replay... then listen to all his albums again & again ♥ ♥
nate king cole...omg y dont people make songs like this anymore ♥ ♥ so soothing
oh old my hand and don't lemme faint omg omg nat king cole's music is doing this to me. <3 <3 my new found love

Lol I know I seem obsessed with him and I am. You guys will only get this vibe if you actually listen to his music.
This I strongly recommend with all my hear; I mean look how beautiful thse lyrics are;

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettablethough near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Now tell me you’re not in love already because I know I am and this is the greatest feeling ever. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Count down…it’s official

Count down…it’s official....
Just a week left for me to finally say I am done with school or rather my semester… and woo-hoo; home run.
I am super excited. Finished most of my work today (just awaiting submission on Monday) and I couldn’t be happier.
I just had a beer to celebrate and I am super excited for the weekend although I may probably have to wait till next Friday when I am officially done with my sem- to go out to shake some stress…or more honestly my booty J.
Second year of University done…now awaiting senior year and finally grad ...all next year…
Anyway so I am super excited and I could probably die in my sleep because my count down’s so official now… One week to finish school then two weeks to go back home. Then ahead is 3 whole months of holiday.
I am getting super hyper with excitement right now and I am glad and lightening up. I might even go out tonight. After all I deserve it after 3 weeks of not going out and working every single day (even on the weekend) and staying in school till 8pm to finish most of my work today.
So tick tock goes my countdown with my smiley face on the clock face.

Monday, 12 November 2012

my miracle (early weekend)

Being super busy when I have just a few weeks left to finish school sem is the usual story.
You week, all weekend – all night and all day but the work just seems to be piling up somehow.

Taking an overdose of coffee nightly to keep awake and moisturizing your hair twice a day so it does not fall out from stress is the order of the day.

Finally, this huge miracle happens and you find out you don’t just have one but two holidays during the week.

Finally one day to rest a bit-thank heavens for Malaysia that has random holidays especially when you need it the most.

So my program line-up is already well queued up in my mind; watch once upon a time one of my favorite series and then maybe have a drink or two or three and I am not talking about red bull….because I don’t have to stay awake doing work just this once.

Now I am smiling wider than sponge bob because my Monday’s not so bad already…sleep, shisha and maybe a drink or two….

Friday, 9 November 2012

how to grow hair long naturally

I could make breakfast on my head if it was possible…
I could drink a beer through my hair if it wasn’t flat…
I could make salsa sauce on my head and eat it if it was hot…
I could stir fry garlic, onions and pepper with olive oil if I could…
…but the heat would be too low to cook them…
I could easily do all this because in my hair …
My hair has had eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, chili and beer…
Soon, it will have some garlic and onion too…bananas, avocado and some tomatoes…
Lemon, thyme, rosemary and Aloe Vera…
Yes I am willing to treat my hair to all this …
…Because Mother Nature knows best what really grows out hair the finest…
Maybe I will treat it today, tomorrow or next week or in two weeks…
… but pretty soon I could make, lunch, dinner and breakfast on my head…

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

it's just a phase (emo/ bipolar diaries)

Maybe I am having my little dramatic episodes like I always do time and again…

 The ones that I usually get when agitation washes over me like fiery acid on a cruel home wrecker’s shameless face.

 Maybe it’s a cry for help or an attention seeking stunt… like some people think.

 But who are they to judge me; they probably don’t know me… and never will...

…Bipolar, schizophrenic, drama queen, attention seeker- I’ve been called all these…

Some people think I can get real hormonal…

Some people say I am just so fixated that I keep reliving my obscure teenage quagmire days over and over intuitively …

...just like Charlize Theron in the young adult- except I am not in my late thirties and I am not planning on stealing someone’s husband…

My mind has the wildest and most peculiar imaginations but then gain let’s not go there…

Sometimes, I feel semi-suicidal and I will smile myself to sleep…

 Sometimes, I’ll pull out my own hair and nails just to get the satisfaction that I am getting punished for all the horrible things I have done in the past…

But then again I remember that God is the ultimate judge and righter of wrongs…

I have no right whatsoever to do his job…

Never forgetting, that this is just a stage I go through every once in a while….

… I feel very hormonal like I having my PMS (even if I am not), I get super moody like Blair Waldorf on a regular untimely basis and I am super aggressive like a maniac...

 It scares me, it really does…

But then again, it’s just a phase… I know it will pass…

Maybe not now, but soon enough…

 A spur, a massage a beer and a few tequilas must be able to fix this…

 If not then there’s always church.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Home Sweet home

Count down to go home

Tick-tock, tick-tock goes my mental clock almost so loud it’s giving me a sinfully sweet headache. I totally can’t wait for my academic year to end and totally go home. I am so excited I can barely sleep…actually I literally can’t sleep.

It’s that exhilarating time of the year when you just have a few days left to go home. Oh home sweet home…what could possibly be any better…

…Waking up to the sweet smell of farmer’s choice sausages being  grilled, bacon being microwaved and eggs being  scrambled down stairs in the kitchen followed by the semi-loud sound of the blender crushing fruit into a smoothie….waking me up only slightly to remind me breakfast’s on the way…

…oh the thoughts home brings to my head, the warmth it covers my heart with…

Now it’s just a couple of weeks left, submissions of final projects and assignments are due very soon and I am working my ass off to finish on time because all that’s on my mind is home sweet home..

..Mother’s warm hug, my sisters huge smiles and dad’s loving “welcome back” immediately I land home is all that I am looking forward as I wait to go home.

East or west home’s always best and no matter how far I travel, home is always going to be where I ultimately want to be…

3 weeks to go seems like a lifetime right now but I am so positive and patient as I wait because home is just a dream away anyway…

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

OMG Halloween!

Halloween was the one perfect night besides Christmas, New Year and Prom Night that I most anticipated in the year.

There was something rousing about Halloween that went from pumpkin curved jack-o- lanterns, colossal assortments of candy almost literally flooding the place, eerie wild party promises and different costumes all around the place.

My Halloween was not even about candy but Halloween costume parties were the “it thing” about town later in the night. From school parties to club and bar parties, everyone had a venue to choose at their convenience.  For most, it was school party first, then an after party later at the local bar.

Girls knew that this night was an excuse to wear sluttish things and not be judged-not that they never wore sluttish things usually- but this time, it was Halloween and this meant free tequila night all night long for girls and no judgment…isn’t great to be a girl at this point !

Anyway back to the point, so I am freaking over Halloween and I am thinking OMG I wanna be a super unique character; sexy and a bit spooky and emo at the same time- maybe a sensual asylum nurse costume with provocative goth make-up. Yes, that was it, now I had to create time to totally go for this non trick-o-treating altogether exciting event. That was just a few days before Halloween.

Last year I had gone as a sexy play boy bunny and I had been selected as one of the people with the best costumes (not bragging definitely) and someone else was dressed just like me. 

So this time, I had to go to an extreme height to make sure I had a pretty different costume. So I decided scary yet suggestive goth nurse because most girls would rather look sexy than creepy on Halloween- or usually. Well, not this girl!

My heart raced dangerously as I went to bed. It almost chocked me in the most beautiful way yet vexed me pretentiously with enthusiasm. Hope of beautiful nightmares oozed about my nightly aura as I thought of how exhilarating my Halloween was going to be; after all it had always gone great ever since I started celebrating Halloween.
I finally slept and had dreams of pumpkin curved decor, uninhabited and cool daunting makeup and  d├ęcor plus Michael Jackson’s thriller music playing in the background followed by a couple of zombies dancing to it.

I danced fearlessly and unwaveringly on the dance floor. For some reason, I was alone in a cobweb and spider draped smoky club and I somehow didn’t care because it was Halloween.

Then there was the Oppa Gangnam style song- why was it playing at a Halloween ghost themed party? I thought to myself but then again it was the new hit so whatever, I begun to move my feet and the song was pretty cool as I rocked away in my mermaid costume. The song ended and started all over again even faster- this was wrong, we weren’t supposed to dance to this song...and playing it all night just wasn’t fair.

I walked over to the skeleton dressed dj in the most furious of ways. As I crossed to the dj booth a sleek black pregnant cat with luminous yellow eyes crossed my path and ran out of the club. Being one who was never superstitious, I disregarded it and continued on my mission to get better music for my awesome Halloween night.  
I begun to talk to him but he seemed to be ignoring me, I tapped him on the shoulder so that he could turn his attention to me and ….no it was an actual skeleton! OMG panic swept over me as it made an evil laugh and its lower jaw dropped off instantly. It continued to chase after me like pacman and I ran like a headless chicken- scramming for my life.

 Then on my way out was the “ it clown” with its heavy poor done white facial powder, red big nose as big and round as bun, exaggeratedly done huge lips with thick lipstick that almost looked drawn, heavy mascara and on its eyes, hefty ears , bloody red hair and then the most dreaded clown costume with overly sized shoes to confirm that it’s a clown .  It sang oppa gangnam style while running after me doing the moves so perfectly. Then I could see its razor sharp yellowing teeth like that of an addicted tobacco smoker.

 This was my childhood nightmare, it spooked me out of all the monsters in horrors I ever encountered. I felt like I was in a horror movie at the moment and the audience watching kept screaming, “Run Bitch, Run”. I collected my “tail” as it was long and begun to run wildly as if in response to the audience’s plea.

AS fast as I ran, it finally caught up like it always did even in the movie. It pushed its hand forward like the evil pedophile that it was to grab me as it came close to me. I screamed dramatically and as loud as I could muster and my eyes flew open instantly, OMG eyes open… a sigh of relief escaped form my chest.

 The “oppa gangnam style” song played on however and I almost shivered slightly. Then I noticed my phone was ringing- yes it’s my ringtone for some reason I can’t quite explain. It suddenly stopped just as I was going to pick up then it hit me… the time on the home screen!!
I quickly jerked out of bed and looked out the window. OMG it was dusk and a rainy one.  What had I done? Had I missed everything while I dreamed about having an almost perfect Halloween before “it clown” and the skeletal dj came chasing me?

I jumped out of bed radically hoping it was dawn instead but I knew better. The sky‘s gloomy orange semi- murky blue aura that fought ruthlessly to push the sun down was definitely not the morning promise. I picked up my phone and silenced “oppa gangnam style”. I picked up my phone and looked at it. 15 missed calls! Oh well, I guess it explains the music playing over and over in my dream.

I was upset at this point! I had slept so much that I had missed going to the costume store to pick up my costume, I had not made proper arrangements for the night and everyone I was calling was not available.

I walked lazily to the bathroom, took a shower and sat helplessly on my bed feeling sorry for myself. Then it hit me! On Friday the 13th when I had no party plans, I always stayed in, ordered a juicy domino’s meat filled pizza and pulled out my collection of spooky movies. From Friday the 13th series to Freddy vs. Jason to Werewolf among us, my horror movie collection was already promising.

Yes that was it. I wasn’t going to have a dull Halloween just because of some costume and a party. A smile formed on my face at last.

I cancelled out the pizza though since I was too hungry and couldn’t wait later to order. I went to the fridge, pulled out a beer left from Sunday Night’s barbeque party and fetched out some noodles from the cupboard. After all I was in Asia; noodles were just a second away from your reach thankfully.

Yes. Beer and noodles! Strange as it seems, this was going somewhere good!

This was my perfect Halloween for now as I went about preparing for the session-if anything I was already in the good mood as I made my Halloween movie session so unusual and unique- after all that’s what Halloween was about… okay maybe it was about costumes and candy and pumpkin curvings – but not today. Today it was about me, my horror movie collection and beer with noodles and I wasn’t getting bored even for a second.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Staying indoors all weekend

Staying indoors all weekend

So you have been super busy all weekday and the one thing on your mind is sleep during the weekend.

Fortunately, your weekend’s gonna start early anyway because it is a public holiday on Friday; not that it makes a difference for me usually since I typically don’t have class on Fridays.

However, this time I don’t even have extra projects to do on Friday (my free day) since it’s national public holiday and all Muslims are away celebrating Idd.

So I have this perfect sleeping pattern planned for the weekend then pop…yup I have a report and presentation due on Tuesday and many more assignments that I haven’t even half finished yet. My sem is ending in 3 weeks and that means lots of projects to do before then. (Not that I haven’t been working my ass off all this time to finish them).

Anyway, as I see my forthcoming dilemma, I begin to plan ahead; that means I strive to do as much work as I can before Friday so I can sleep throughout my Friday at least. No single work being done at all whatsoever…just pure relaxation.

So I line up my programme for Friday; watching movies and eating all the time I am awake, sleeping then smoking shisha later in the evening then sleeping a little more…. or a lot more.

Yes, I had to do this when I realized I can’t afford to fill up my Saturday and Sunday with a whole session of chilling.

So I maximized my Friday; no blogging, no discussing anything about school but pure slackening.  My programme was going on so well so far until they told me the shisha place was closed for the holiday. OMG what! Unbelievable…this was one of the ways I released my stress after a long week of working….I couldn’t go to club either because it just wasn’t the same after the nearby local club closed down. This meant one thing….watching movies all until the next day.

I watched a couple of movies and this routine went on from midnight until 10am the next day. OMG no, this wasn’t in the plan. This meant my Saturday would be half wasted since I’d slept at 10am.

And indeed it was almost so. My sister rushed into my room to wake me up later that evening. It was 7pm on Saturday. Shit! I jumped out of bed and ran straight to my computer to do my work. Then I slowly relaxed as a certain freshness I hadn’t felt in a long time downed on me. I felt awake and not tired. My body was funky and I was not exhausted.

This only meant one thing….the relaxing thing the previous day was worth it. I got off my computer, went and took a shower, ordered some take out and ate in a relaxed manner.

One hour later, I begun to do my work and it was like my engine was reignited; no hold back, no energy drain and total determination.

Staying indoors was not so bad after all. I hit my old school playlist in the background as I went about my work. There was Missy Elliot (my fav. female rapper of all time), Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Eve, R Kelly and Twister among many others. This was enough for me for the moment.

There was something about old school and doing work. Everything went smoothly and was so promising. I don’t know if it is the good old memories of the 2000s or just the way the lyrics back then that made so much sense and screamed out inspiration.

All I knew was I had turned around staying indoors from the boring usual depressing theme to total awesome old-school-do-work-routine and it was totally doing it for me.
Not that staying in was better than going out but today; it somehow just didn’t matter.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Big girls don’t cry (emo diaries)

Big girls don’t cry

They say big girls shouldn’t cry but I think there is much more to cry about when you’re a big girl.

Little girls cry over melted ice-cream, fallen candy and a spoilt Barbie but not big girls …nop big girls just shouldn’t and I’ll tell you why.

There is so much pain that comes from being a big girl; from menstrual cramps to heartbreaks to labor pains and then finally menopause…. So who is to say big girls shouldn’t cry? …but then again they don’t even cry despite all these. Because women are strong people so much that they go through but they won’t cry… If they do they will only do it only when they can’t take it anymore.

That’s what we call girl power, that’s why women can multi-task and be tolerable for way too long than men can. Because God had to send a guardian angel to watch over people whilst he did his work up above…woman; the caring mother, the protective sister, the loving wife and the perfect daughter.

So much that the woman will do but be under looked. ..However, she will take it like a real woman but then again everyone has a breaking point like Keri Hilson said.  

So don’t take her for granted. ..Because if a woman doesn’t cry even after all the things you’ve put her through, she’s cooking up something, yes something that could probably end up hot and messy… on your face…or maybe even your mouth; and it will be an accident…OOPS!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Killing your demons (emo diaries)

Finally I had gotten a hold of myself after years of loathing and trying to kill him ruthlessly in my dreams. He was my nightmare, the dark one that stole people’s souls and sold it to Lucifer, the very heartless beast that tied you to a tree and watched you being eaten savagely by the werewolves and yet somehow you would want to hug him. Pure hypnotism at its best- yes they called him the master of hypnotizing and cruelty.  If he said he was crushing you, he literally left no bone un-minced to powder.

All this while I had let him so cluelessly  plot behind me, so stupidly trick me into thinking that everything that glittered was gold and the only thing that mattered in this world was to murder butter fingers. I had so adamantly refused to heed my friend’s warning about the dungeon filled with broken glass that sliced through your eyes as you tried to find your way out of the dark.

It was pure tyranny, pure evil, pure manipulation … but who was I not to say he was not good at what he did; for if he slayed he took down the whole village, he sucked blood to his own advantage and at other people’s expenses. If lying was a profession, he owned it he so efficaciously stood so stalwartly for the seven deadly sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride…just like the one with the red horns and pitch fork himself.

Oh but hadn’t I had it? Hadn’t the dark cruel night tyrannized me enough? Made me scotch in the sun so I could prove my eminence? This time he had gone too far, he had stripped away from me everything that mattered and I was left with nothing pieces of glass so callously slashing through my eyes.

Oh but the time had sure run out for the twisted imp to ride his headless gothic horse to no good cause. This girl had learnt from the bruises and had trained her mind whilst in her state of imprisonment; she had learnt that you only defeated a demon by looking at it straight in the eye and pulling out its heart while it watched it shriek with agony; that you had to do it with one heart, no fear, no shuddering but pure fortitude. They don’t just say you can kill your demon by coming face to face with them for nothing.

It was my time to face my demon and forever bury the pain that had so ruthlessly lodged and clutched at my heart forever.

So I got my armor ready, I tucked myself into bed , switched on a white noise sound effect and slipped off to sleep…. and the nightmare begun almost immediately…. as usual.

Dark Romeo dismounted his high horse and he charged towards me cold-heartedly and hurriedly with chains and whips… swinging them in the air swiftly yet ruthlessly….

But he did not see what was coming as I emerged from the ground like a fallen hero rising back to glory after years of being diminished for one small mistake….with a knowing evil grin I rose slowly but surely; no trembling, no flinching and no turning back; one of us was going to die today and it wasn’t me… the time had come for me to kill my demon…the one that had so cunningly spellbound me for a long time…

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Obsession with series or scoop of inspiration?

Obsession with series or scoop of inspiration?

So they say I have this obsession with series and I easily become too attached  to the characters. ”Omg really?” Is my first expression, “that’s tots not my thing…getting attached… like anymore.”

Yes, I say tots, so what? It’s not because of Dahlia Royce of suburgatory…. Okay maybe it is but who cares everyone picks up something from their fav characters in a movie, book or show.

It is okay to have some kind of inspiration or someone to look up to and I have noticed series have helped me make some wise decisions and shaped up my character.

For good relationships and friends, I look up to how I met your mother. Barney, Robin, Ted, Lily and Marshall are the sweetest friends there is. No judgment, pure understanding and support. I always watch the 4 friends with such great admiration; kind of reminds me of Friends. Who wouldn’t want to have such friends?

Desperate housewives did the same for me too but it sadly ended. However, I would totally want friends exactly like; Bree, Gabby, Susan and Lynette. Best and most supportive girlfriends ever. Which reminds me of make it or break it’s Lauren, Kylie and Payson which also had the same impact. So who says series are just a waste of time huh?

Then for the relationship bit, how I met your mother’s Lily and Marshall just set the bar for me in this area. What’s more beautiful and romantic than marrying and being in love forever with your high school sweetheart?  Maybe it sounds too fairytale and unrealistic, call me old fashioned but this is what love is to me.

Suburgatory is like a high school movie series full of girly mean plastic girls (Dahlia and the 3 Ks)….literally… and the new girl who is segregated and sad (Tessa). Omg this has to be one of my fav series. I tots love high school movies and what’s better than a whole series about something you really love. It’s like having Christmas all year; epitome of happiness if you ask me.

Once upon a time keeps my childhood memories pure and what’s even more exciting is they have all these fairytales I dearly loved, all combined in one series. From Pinocchio, little red riding hood and snow white to sleeping beauty , Mulan and Alice in wonderland’s mad hatter.  It’s like going to Disney land only to find out you can stay there as long as you want. Total awesomeness!

These days, all of my childhood fairytales have been adapted and remade so many times that they have been ruined and totally changed. Once upon a time is therefore some kind of messiah to me…literally…it came to revive my childhood fairytales but made it even more awesome by joining all of them.

For socializing, fashion and great inspiration for my future success, I look up to Gossip Girl. Besides the drama to give you an awesome experience of a dramatic high school life you never had, it has inspiring characters like; Blair who is obsessed with becoming a powerful woman and takes over her mother’s company with promising power to succeed, Dan, Ivy and Rufus who are struggling; writer, actress and musician in that order plus Chuck and Nate who are struggling to show their parents that they too can do it on their own.

All this is so inspiring and keeps me focused in school. That is why I will watch these series after school to get inspired to do my work while I take a break from undone assignments.

Anyway on the fashion side, the wardrobes and the high class life the people on the Upper East Side live just make you want to live that life hence encouraging you to even go harder.  Not forgetting awesome parties and events that are thrown….oh I gotta throw a party like those one day when I can.

This reminds me of 90210’s Liam, Annie, Naomi, Adrianna, Silver, Dickson and Navid who are also struggling and trying to get somewhere and occasionally we see the high class living and fashion in California; not forgetting that they are also timeless friends.

So watching series is totally awesome if you ask me and you who are addicted to series, keep watching because you never know what kind of inspiration you will get from these series.

I will keep updating on more series I haven’t mentioned yet. The above mentioned ones are one of my favorites of all time.